Awards of Tribunal

  • The Tribunal shall, where practicable, make its award within sixty days from the first day of the hearing before the Tribunal.
  • At a hearing the Tribunal may make any one or more of the following awards -

a)    that a party to the proceedings pays money to any other party;

b)    that goods be supplied or re-supplied;

c)    that goods supplied or re-supplied to the consumer be replaced or repaired;

d)    that the price or other consideration paid or supplied by the consumer or any other person be refunded to the consumer or that person;

e)    that a party comply with the guarantee;

f)    that money be awarded to compensate for any loss or damage suffered by the claimant;

g)    that the contract be varied or set aside, wholly or in part;

h)    that costs (not exceeding RM200.00) to or against any part be paid;

i)    that interest is paid on any sum or monetary award at a rate not exceeding eight per centum per annum;

j)    that the claim is dismissed.