Limitation Of Jurisdiction


  • The Tribunal shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any claim :- 

a)      arising from personal injury or death;

b)      for the recovery of land, or any estate or interest in land; 

c)      in which the title to any land, or any estate or interest in land, or any franchise, is in question; and

d)      in which there is a dispute concerning -

i.      the entitlement of any person under a will or settlement or on any intestacy;

ii.      good will;

iii.      any chose in action;

iv.      any trade secret or other intellectual property.

e)      where any other Tribunal has been established under any other written law to hear and determine claims on matters that are under the jurisdiction of that other Tribunal.

  • The jurisdiction of the Tribunal shall be limited to a claim that is based on a cause of action which accrues within three years of the claim.